New York State's Largest Nonprofit Organization Supporting People With Intellectual, Developmental, And Other Disabilities

127 East State Street Gloversville, New York 12078 United States

County(ies) Served:


Chapter President:

Judy Schelle

Executive Director:

Shaloni Winston

Lexington Center (Fulton County Chapter, NYSARC, Inc.)

Lexington (Fulton County Chapter, NYSARC Inc.), a private, not for profit agency, supports people with disabilities and their families.  We provide clinical, medical, residential, day, recreation, vocational, job placement and other services to people of all ages.  Lexington supports people who have developmental and learning disabilities, autism, mental illness, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, epilepsy and/or traumatic brain injuries.  Lexington is made up of caring, engaged employees who are a vital part of our nurturing environment.  Forty miles west of Albany, NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Lexington is considered by many as one of the leading agencies of its kind.

Lexington employs over 1,450 people (Fulton County’s largest employer) and has a $70,000,000 operating budget of which 99% is funded with federal, state and private funds.  People who attend our programs and our employees offer volunteer services to local hospitals, churches and other not for profit agencies each year.  Lexington is not only a major employer and good neighbor, it is also an integral part of the community.