About NYSARC Trust Services

We created NYSARC Trust Services in 1972 to support the mission of our parent organization, NYSARC Inc.: Help people live the best lives they can, maximize their potential and stay as independent as possible.

We manage supplemental needs trusts and other financial products to allow our clients to have better lives. The trust can pay for them to have an important piece of equipment that other programs consider optional or the small things in life that most of us take for granted.

NYSARC established the Unrestricted trust fund in 1972 and added the first community trust in 1997. Beneficiaries of the community trusts may have any disability included under Social Security Law Section 1614(a)(3)[42USC 1382c(a)(3)]. NYSARC began administering individual supplemental needs trusts in 2008.

Our executives and trustees have extensive experience in both trust administration and disabilities. They understand your needs and the details of government benefits.

Independent Audits

All NYSARC Trust Services' trusts are audited annually by an independent certified public accountant. This annual audit assures that accounts have been handled with the utmost diligence.