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Whoever coined the phrase “the more things change, the more they remain the same” was only partially accurate, if that phrase were applied to the delivery of services from the Chenango County ARC.  The realm of services and how those services are delivered has evolved tremendously as we look back on this year.  Since a group of caring parents first chartered the Chenango County ARC in  1964, it is truly impressive to reflect on the growth and diversity of services that have occurred since that year.

Throughout all these years, as programs and their delivery systems were adjusted and tweaked, so too were the demands that were placed on staff.  Staff not only adjusted, they excelled.  Even as some staff members left the agency, others stepped in to fill their shoes without missing a step.  And that is the one constant: today’s staff is as dedicated to serving those in our programs as was the staff of decades ago.  Fortunately, some things never do change.